About the training programme:

Course content

You will begin your training as a new member of staff at The Cotswold School.  You will be seen as very much a member of the team.  After an initial introductory week, the course begins with three weeks of professional studies sessions for all trainees with a focus on preparing trainees to begin their school placement. These are held in joint partnership with the GITEP scheme.  There are further central professional studies weeks around Christmas and Easter. Apart from these sessions trainees will be in school most of the time except Thursday afternoons. Every Thursday throughout the course trainees from across Gloucestershire will come together with other trainees in their subject to meet with the subject leader to discuss pedagogy and practice in their subject. 

As well as the central professional studies sessions there will be weekly school-based professional studies sessions led by the school's training manager. These sessions allow you time to train in a small group setting and to see the practical in school application of the theory being taught centrally.

Every trainee has their own mentor who will be a subject specialist.  They give 1:1 support through weekly meetings, helping you to plan and prepare lessons and to offer constructive support as you progress.  You will work with a number of classes, giving you a range of experience, topics and abilities.  All trainees get the opportunity to teach sixth form.

The course is made up of a parent placement (usually at The Cotswold School) and a twin placement wither at one of our partner schools or in another Gloucestershire school.  Your training manager or mentor from the parent placement will keep in touch and visit you to check on your progress during this time.  Twin schools are carefully selected to best cater for your personal and professional training needs.

All trainees will be expected to pass the three school placements and complete a key evidence file showing how they meet the Teachers' Standards. 

Trainees who choose to do the PGCE (rather than QTS only) will have two additional assignments. The first includes a presentation on How do children learn? , including a critical analysis of learning theories, and a 4,000 word analysis and evaluation of the use of assessment. The second is a 5,000 word practice based enquiry focusing on an aspect of teaching and learning in your own subject area. Both assignments are worth up to 30 Master's credits. 

Trainees have three school placements. The first Parent School placement is from September to December. In January trainees move to a contrasting Twin School placement until March before returning to the Parent School from April to June. Trainees recruited to The Cotswold School will spend at least one of their placements at the Cotswold School as well as getting broader experience at other schools.

Fees for 2017/18 will be £8,000 for the Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) route or £9,000 for the PGCE with QTS route.