We strive for excellence in teaching and learning and feel that with the right support and development this can be achieved. Our teaching school partnership firmly believes in the importance and value of collaboration and support. 

The expertise and skills within our partnership are the backbone of the work we do and as colleagues we are professionally generous.  Relationships and co-operation underpin a partnership built on honesty, trust and respect. All aspects of schools, from the classroom to administration are included and supported.  In particular we value the importance of cross key stage links.  The ability to learn and improve through strong communication between primary and secondary schools is the very basis of why we wanted to become a Teaching School and will help to improve the overall education of young people across the age range.

We are deeply committed to training future great teachers.  Our School Direct schemes in both primary and secondary give prospective teachers the opportunity to learn their craft and flourish in a highly supportive training scheme.  We aim to give new trainees the very best start to their careers through out training programme.