Each year we run an extensive programme of CPD events for teachers.

Details of this year’s events are listed below.

For any event, please book your place on line here.

Effective Tutoring & Parental Engagement

Tuesday September 25th 2018 (3.30pm-5pm)

The role of the tutor is a crucial one in both the pastoral and academic success of pupils.  Tutors form close relationships with their tutees and get to know them on various levels.  The time they have together, spent productively, can help focus, guide and shape their learning in school as well as be supportive of their academic progress and needs.  This session will look at ways to best deliver tutor time alongside the role of the tutor in delivering PSHE and SMSC provision.  We will also explore the tutor’s role as contact with home and how best to make this effective.

£25 per delegate.

Using Drama to Engage Pupils in Writing

Monday October 1st, 2018 (1.20pm-3.20pm)

It has long been recognised how drama can support and promote engagement, enjoyment and progression of literacy in children.  This training aims to fully equip teachers with the strategies and tools needed to use drama confidently and effectively within the classroom.  We will look at ways of engaging reluctant readers and practical approaches to drama exercises that can be used as the building bricks to create lesson plans and schemes of work.  We will provide a resource pack of 15 drama activities that can be put together to create whole lesson plans plus hints, tips and other resources.

Free for partner primary schools.  £30 for other delegates.

Bridging Learning between Key Stage 2 and 3

Tuesday October 30th, 2018 (3.45pm-5.00pm)

Join us for a Teach Meet style event sharing thoughts on the crucial importance of Key Stage 2-3 collaboration and how we best meet the needs of our pupils at a time of dynamic change.  The event will focus upon the sharing of best practice both from our keynote speakers and from teachers of both Key Stage 2 and 3 in the local area.

Pie Corbett, famous for his Talk for Writing, and years of experience in primary education will be our main keynote speaker.  Alongside him will be Jo Pearce, an experienced primary head teacher, plus contributions from other local teachers.

Free of charge (but please do book in advance)

Primary ICT and Computing Network and Support

Thursday November 8th, 2018 (4.00pm-5.30pm)

In an ever rapidly changing world of technology, it is hard to keep up-to-date with the latest innovations and best practice.  This session, aimed at primary ICT/Computing teachers, aims to share some of the best resources and ideas from our experienced team of secondary experts.  We will cover areas from cyber security and encryption to robotics and programming, plus leaving plenty of room to be directed by you as to what training and development you need.  There will be plenty of ideas to take away, adapt and use in your own classrooms as well as the opportunity to collaborate and network with other local primary ICT/Computing teachers, sharing ideas and developing lessons.

Free of charge (but please do book in advance) 

Developing whole school approaches to secondary literacy

Tuesday 13th November 2018 (1.45pm-4.30pm)

The vital importance of literacy across the whole curriculum is well known and developing a coherent and consistent whole school approach to literacy has been a key aspect of our recent work.  This half-day session will look at our whole school approaches and the strategies we have used to promote literacy, including reading, writing, speaking and listening.  There will be time to see literacy in practice across the school in the classroom and a workshop sharing practical strategies on areas such as the tiers of vocabulary, cross curricular initiatives, promotion of literacy and the monitoring and auditing of provision.

£30 per delegate

Key Stage Three Conference

Thursday November 22nd 2018

Our showcase conference for 2018-19 focuses on Key Stage 3.  With recent changes at GCSE and A-Level, as well as those in primary schools, now is the time to revisit this crucial time and to ensure they are no longer wasted years. 

For more details, please click here.

Strategies for SLPD Learners

Tuesday December 4th 2018 (3.30pm-5pm) 

This session will be run by the CPD team from the British Dyslexia Association.  We will explore some introductory ideas on the identification of dyslexic pupils before looking in more depth at their profile, including the challenges they face and the strengths that they bring with them to the classroom.  The major focus will be on practical ways of supporting dyslexic individuals everyday by the main classroom teacher; strategies that can be used simply, but effectively, to bring meaningful progress.

£25 per delegate

Supporting vulnerable learners

Monday January 14th 2019 (3.30pm-5.oopm)

Led by the Achievement for All team, this session will discuss ways to best support our most vulnerable learners.  In particular this will include strategies that have been seen to work in other schools with Pupil Premium and SEND students, but also other pupils who are vulnerable and most need our support and help. 

  £25 per delegate.

Teaching and Learning Pick ‘n’ Mix

Wednesday February 6th 2019 (3.30pm-5.00pm)

We will be holding 4 separate twilight sessions focusing on areas of Teaching and Learning.  Each will be run by experienced practitioners in The Cotswold School who will be sharing their wisdom and experience as well as plenty of practical, take-away ideas to be used in the classroom.

£30per delegate.

2. Stretching the Highly Able

It is essential that we stretch our highly able pupils both inside and outside the classroom. This session will explore practical ideas for teachers to extend the complexity and challenge of what they deliver, suggest opportunities for highly able pupils and discuss strategies to help develop a culture where pupils enjoy being in the learning pit, and finding their way out! We will also explore possibilities for cross-curricular links that can help establish activities that help our highly able to thrive. This session will also build upon the Growth Mindsets training of Barry Hymer and Carol Dweck and help foster ideas on intrinsic motivation.

1. Developing Questioning Technique

Ensuring accurate assessment and also meaningful progress through strong questioning technique is one of the arts of good teaching.  This session will look at some of the features of effective questioning that develop pupil thinking and responses, engage more learners and  have a dramatic impact on progress.  We will explore ideas from Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion work and watch video/audio examples to develop our practice.


4. Supporting SEND students in the mainstream classroom

All teachers are teachers of SEND and in an inclusive system this is especially true.  This session will be devoted to better understanding the specific needs of SEND students and offering practical ideas on how teachers can make small steps that will have meaningful impact.  We will look at a range of different needs and spend time sharing practical ideas that teachers can take to ensure these needs are well met.  There will be time for collaboration and sharing of ideas between colleagues, ensuring that everybody comes away with things that they can try in the classroom straight away.  The session will be led by experienced SENCO teachers.

3. Careers and Employability in the Curriculum

This session will look at practical ways that teachers can meaningfully deliver careers and employability skills within their normal curriculum.  It will focus upon the Gatsby Benchmarks and explore ways to bring this to life in the everyday world of the classroom.  We will spend time with schemes of work unpicking the opportunities that present themselves to exploit careers and employability links and discuss ways to make the most of these moments.


The Secrets of Sixth Form Success

Tuesday March 5th (9.00am-3.30pm)

The Cotswold School Sixth Form consistently achieves some of the highest levels of achievement and attainment for any comprehensive school sixth form in the country.  On this day we will look into the systems and approaches used to help achieve this success with workshops on sixth form leadership, KS5 teaching & learning, University progression (including Oxbridge success) and pastoral support.  There will be opportunities to see the everyday life of the sixth form, including visiting lessons on a learning walk and time to talk with our students about their perceptions of the reasons for the success of the school.  This course would suit Sixth Form Leaders and teachers of Key Stage 5.

£125 per delegate

Extending the Highly Able in a Comprehensive School

Monday March 18th, 2019 (9.00am-3.30pm)

Our highly able pupils are of paramount importance at The Cotswold School and consistently achieve extremely high results. On this training day we will look at the strategies and policies in place to stretch, challenge and engage the highly able across all key stages and the impact this has had on individual pupils and overall outcomes.  The day will include:

Whole school learning walk focusing on highly able students, workshops looking at teaching and learning strategies to increase challenge in the classroom, extra-curricular opportunities for the highly able, and identifying and monitoring their progress.

£125 per delegate (this is a more extended version of our twilight session on February 6th)

Outstanding Teaching and Learning

Thursday March 21st 2019 (9.00am-3.30pm)

A day spent at The Cotswold School, named Sunday Times Comprehensive School of the Year 2015-16, finding out more about our approaches and strategies to Teaching and Learning, with opportunities to see the school in action and observe a variety of outstanding practice in a range of subjects through learning walks and drop in observations.  The day will be run by our team of SLEs running workshops on questioning technique, assessment, stretch and challenge and more.  There will be plenty of ideas and resources to take away and use in your own school.  This day would suit any teacher keen to develop their own practice or those leading teaching and learning in their schools.

 £125 per delegate

Careers and Employability Skills in Schools

Wednesday April 3rd, 2019 (9.00am-3.30pm)

With Careers Education and Employability Skills now higher on the national agenda, you are invited to spend a day exploring a range of approaches to improving provision in these areas. We will share strategies for meeting the Gatsby benchmarks, including how to help students make the most of: Careers Fairs, work experience, practice interviews, professional mentoring and Careers Advisors. There will also be an opportunity to see how Careers is woven into the curriculum via a learning walk. A pack with useful Careers and Employability Skills resources will be provided for you to take away and use/adapt. The day will be led by our Careers Leader and will include contributors from different curriculum areas. This day would suit Careers Leaders, aspiring Careers Leaders or any member of staff keen to develop their own practice in relation to Careers education, information, advice or guidance.

 £125 per delgate

Prevent Training

Tuesday June 25th, 2019 (3.30pm - 5.00pm)

An opportunity for any colleagues to join us undertaking Prevent training using the Home Office’s online resources.  This collective approach aims to help foster discussion and collaboration and to put the training into context of our pupils here in the Cotswolds.

Free of charge (but please do book in advance)

Department Immersion Visits

Date: To be arranged as best suits

Fancy spending a day seeing one of our departments in action?  We regularly hold department immersion visits giving colleagues the opportunity to see the teaching that takes place to bring success at The Cotswold School.  Each visit includes learning walks, pupil panel chats and a series of workshops with the subject leader on various aspects of their work and the developments and innovations they have been leading upon.  Best of all, it is a great opportunity to take away plenty of resources and ideas!  These days are bespoke and can be tailored to suit individual needs.  To discuss a visit and arrange a date, please get in contact with Ben Edwards (bedwards@thecotswoldschool.co.uk).

Cost: £100 per delegate.

Developing Unqualified Teachers

Dates to be arranged as best suits

A number of schools rely on HLTAs or Non-Qualified Teachers to meet their staffing needs.  Many have the potential to be strong practitioners but are somewhat ‘in at the deep end’ without having much, if any, formal training on becoming a teacher.

This three day training course, spread over one year, is intended to support unqualified teachers to improve their classroom practice.  The sessions will look at various aspects of the role including lesson planning, assessment, behaviour management, differentiation, understanding data, stretch and challenge, pastoral care and developing deeper learning (including homework, questioning technique and independent learning).  Each day at The Cotswold School also gives time to see outstanding practice in action and to gain the direct support and guidance from a subject specialist buddy who can provide ongoing support. 

Plenty of time is also given to seeing best practice in action via learning walks and drop-in lesson observations in an outstanding school.  It is also an excellent time to collaborate and discuss best practice with other unqualified teachers in similar contexts and also with more experienced qualified teachers.

Buddy Support: Each unqualified teacher is given a subject specialist buddy whom they have time with to meet, discuss their teaching and needs in a non-judgemental way and to help provide resources and teaching ideas in an ongoing relationship.

Coaching and lesson observation: An experienced coach from The Cotswold School will visit each unqualified teacher twice over the year to watch them teach and to help give support and guidance on areas for development.  This is entirely non-judgemental.

This is not an accredited course, but feedback from previous participants has been extremely positive with all attendees saying that the course helped them to improve their teaching and that the training was helpful, friendly and professional.

£500 for one delegate, £400 for each additional delegate from one school.