Gary Bloom - Dealing with the adolescent brain


We were really pleased today to have Gary Bloom, famous for his TalkSport radio programme and work as a Harley Street clinical psychotherapist, speak to our staff and guests about his work with teenagers to help support and guide them through difficult times at school.

We learnt about how the adolescent brain develops and how it responds to certain stimuli, based upon the psycho-therapeutic theories he bases his work on.  Explained in an engaging and understandable way, it gave us a bit more of an insight into how we work with teenagers, but also how useful his work can be with these pupils.  Gary is currently engaged in a project with some pupils in Year 9 and he was able to give some feedback on how this is helping.  He also gave some great tips and tricks he has learned during his work with adolescents that we can take away and try.

It was a delight to welcome guests, especially from Warrinor School.