School Direct Recuitment

It has been a delight over the past couple of months to have met, interviewed and recruited a great bunch of new trainee teachers for our School Direct course, starting in September.  We are now almost full, so no recruiting crisis here!  It has been wonderful to see a variety of applicants, from ex-students and teaching assistants, to a number of career changers, moving to teaching from high ranking jobs in a variety of sectors.

Our Primary School Direct course, starting for the first time this September, is up and running.  We have our first recruits and are actively encouraging more to apply.  The thought of training a bunch of new teachers, using the skills and expertise of this local area, is very exciting and we hope it will be a springboard for future developments as a teaching school. 

We are likely to close our application window for primary at the end of March.  Please get in touch if you are intending to apply, but think you can't make this deadline.

We are still more than happy to receive applications or just to support people looking into teaching with taster days or advice and guidance.  Please do not hesitate but to get in touch.