School to School Support - Beaufort Cooperative Academy


Our partnership with Beaufort Cooperative Academy in Gloucester has continued to grow this year and we are pleased with the partnership we have developed.

Recent events have included running a training course for unqualified teachers to help them to teach full time tables.  We have been focusing on assessment, questioning, lesson planning, behaviour management.  Each teacher has been helped with observations from an experienced coach and given tailored advice on how to improve their practice.  The effectiveness of these teachers, and their growing confidence, is a delight to see.

Teachers 030.jpg

Our Physics department have been supporting Highly Able students in Year 11 at Beaufort to gain the very top grades with a series of after school lectures and presentations about maximising their understanding.

History has been another subject area recieving support, especially as the two schools teach the same GCSEs and have been able to share resources and ideas to help get the best grades possible.

Senior teachers have also been helping the leadership team at Beaufort with their internal reviews and systems to help guide them on their road to progress and improvement.