2nd Annual 'Teach Meet' with David Didau

Despite the sweltering weather, it was great to have 120+ people at our second annual 'Teach Meet'.  Being a Teaching School has given us the opportunity to hold events like this and it was especially pleasing to see guests and colleagues from our partner primary schools near by and from our partner secondary schools, in Swindon and Gloucester - plus a few people who were just keen to come along too!

Our guest speakers of Professor Hazel Bryan and David Didau both spoke passionately about their areas of interest and expertise and it was great to have the opportunity afterwards for discussion and collaboration.  Links with the University and possible research projects was the theme of Professor Hazel Bryan's talk, and is certainly to be an avenue we wish to explore further as a Teaching School.  David's talk focused upon depth in the curriculum and the importance of what pupils are learning as well as making some predictions for the future.

Of huge pleasure was seeing ordinary teachers from both primary and secondary schools sharing resources and teaching and learning ideas in our rapid fire section.  Hopefully this can lead to more future collaboration and sharing.